Singer and songwriter Lev combines soulful, guitar-driven rhythm sections with contemporary pop production and deeply introspective lyrics to create a more organic take on modern pop, reflective of his upbringing in singer-songwriter and folk music. Reminiscent of the instrumentation and lyrical candor of acts such as Kevin Garrett and JP Saxe, but with the artistic ambition of Frank Ocean and Jon Bellion, Lev attempts to meld his singer-songwriter side with leading-edge pop.















Now living in LA and working as a songwriter both for his own artist project and for others’, Lev is actively looking for collaboration and management. Please feel free to reach out either through email (levfreedmanmusic@gmail.com) or through any of the social media platforms listed below for professional inquiries.

His new EP, entitled “A Year Underwater,” is due to release in 2021. The songwriter’s professional debut aims to merge the accessibility and youthfulness of a burgeoning pop artist with the musical integrity and lyrical content of one beyond his years. The project explores a variety of genres and sounds, including bouncy, bass-heavy rhythm sections on songs such as “Always The Rain,” pointed and rhythmic pop melodies on “A Year Underwater,” and stadium-ready explosiveness and an impressive display of range on “When I Hurt You.” Lev manages all the while to maintain his trademark lyrical style and a singer-songwriter’s heart throughout the exploration of these new sounds, in a project that measures up to be remarkably well-rounded. 




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In his own words:

“I grew up living two musical lives at once. At home my parents would play James Taylor or old jazz records or my brother would blast classic rock in his room and show me bands from the 70s. But at school, everyone was listening to Eminem and 50 Cent and Rihanna. For a long time I felt bad for liking rap and pop music and would come home thinking of all these ways to justify it to my

family. … But I think coming to Berklee I had this sort of bridging experience where all the music I loved became beautiful to me and all my influences started funneling themselves into my music. So I’ll write a singer-songwriter, folk record one day and a pop record with hip-hop influences the next. I think once I came to terms with who I was I started creating the way I had always wanted to.”

- The Boston Voyager

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