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Lev is a 26 year-old artist and songwriter from Pittsburgh, PA, now based in Los Angeles. Growing up listening to pop, hip-hop, and singer-songwriter music, his style combines soulful, guitar-driven writing with compelling contemporary production to create a fresh take on modern pop. In the past year he’s released an EP under Lev, amassing over 1 million streams on Spotify. Lev has production and songwriting credits with artists salem ilese, Sophia Gripari, and more. Recent sessions include Oston, Grant Knoche, and Spencer Sutherland.



Now living in LA and working as a songwriter both for his own artist project and for others’, Lev is actively looking for collaboration and management. Please feel free to reach out either through email ( or through any of the social media platforms listed below for professional inquiries.

His 2021 EP “A Year Underwater” explores a variety of genres and sounds, including bouncy, bass-heavy rhythm sections on songs such as “Always The Rain,” and stadium-ready explosiveness on “When I Hurt You.” Lev manages all the while to maintain his trademark lyrical style and a singer-songwriter’s heart throughout the exploration of these new sounds, in a project that measures up to be remarkably well-rounded.

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Doc Mar 21, 2018 at 10-36

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